‘Unwelcome’: Sky raises prices for millions of customers by up to £72 a year for second time in six months


MILLIONS of Sky customers are to be hit with price rises of up to £72 a year from April – just six months after a previous hike.

The changes will affect existing TV and broadband customers from April 1, while existing home phone users will see prices change from May 1.

A Sky spokesperson said: “We know price increases are never welcome and we try to keep prices down whilst still delivering the content our customers love, the flexibility to choose the package that suits them and with leading customer service.”

New customers will also be charged the new prices from tomorrow, February 17.

In June, Sky confirmed that TV and broadband customers would see bills rise by an average of £36 a year from August.

The Sky price increase comes which kicked in at the beginning of August applied to around 130,000 customers who were not affected by a previous price hike in April, and would also see subscription costs increase by up to £72 a year.

Sky said the lates average price increase is £3 a month or £36 a year – but the largest possible rise is £6 a month, which works out at double that figure.

Nick Baker, broadband expert at the price comparison site Uswitch.com, says said that the price rises were “unwelcome unwelcome spring tradition” landing before the “ink is barely dry” on both Virgin Media and BT’s recent increases.

“Almost one million Sky subscribers could see their annual bill go up by as much as £72 at a time when many household budgets are already stretched to the limit.

“Sky’s broadband and TV price rise doesn’t kick in until April 1, so there’s plenty of time to avoid these changes if you’re not happy,” he said.

“Broadband customers who are still in the minimum term of their contract can leave penalty-free if they act within 30 days of receiving their notification.

“For those currently out of contract, it is even more important to consider your options as you will likely be able to save £90 a year by switching to a new deal – on top of avoiding this price rise.

“Alternatively, if you don’t want to switch providers, get in touch with Sky as you may be able to change your services and reduce your monthly bill.”

Several packages – Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Sky Kids and Sky Talk Evening and Weekends Extra – aren’t changing.

And Sky Mobile customers aren’t affected by the price rises either.

The Sky Signature TV package will increase by £1 a month to £26, with Multiscreen rising by one pound to £15 a month.

Sky HD prices will rise by £1 to £7 a month, with Sky Ultimate going from £4 to £5.

Sky Broadband Essential goes up by £3 to £25 a month, with Sky Broadband Superfast up to £28 a month, a rise of one pound.

Sky Talk Anytime Extra will rise by £2 to £12 a month, with Sky Talk International Extra up to £14 a month, a rise of £2.


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