Unvaccinated lockdowns: Where in Europe might you find unvaccinated lockdowns? The complete list is available here.


Unvaccinated lockdowns: Where in Europe might you find unvaccinated lockdowns? The complete list is available here.

As Europe grapples with a large spike in Covid infections, the unvaccinated are being targeted in a number of countries – but which countries have imposed stricter measures for individuals who have not received the vaccine?

According to the World Health Organization, Europe is once again at the epicenter of the worldwide coronavirus epidemic, following the relaxation of Covid restrictions and sluggish vaccination rollouts, which have brought the continent to a “critical point.” This website has created a list of all European countries that now have tight lockdown policies for persons who have not received the vaccine.

Austria is ready to implement a full nationwide lockdown, making it the first country to do so after lifting them previously.

In an effort to combat rising infection rates, the country will make Covid vaccinations mandatory starting in February of next year.

On Monday, November 15, the country imposed unvaccinated lockdown restrictions, affecting an estimated two million people out of its 8.9 million overall population.

Anyone above the age of 12 who has not been double-jabbed is only permitted to leave their houses for employment, school, exercise, and the purchase of vital necessities during this week.

According to Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg, a full national COVID-19 lockdown will go into effect on Monday, November 22nd, for a maximum of 20 days.

As the continent grapples with an alarming rise in infection rates, many other European countries are adopting similar regulations.

From Monday, anyone who has not been vaccinated will be prohibited from entering non-essential shops and retail malls in Slovakia.

Unvaccinated people will also be barred from attending public events and will be obliged to do twice-weekly Covid tests just to get to work.

Restaurants, hotels, and fitness centers in the areas of the country where infection rates are the highest will be closed to the public.

Eduard Heger, the country’s Prime Minister, said “a lockup for the unvaccinated” should be in place for three weeks, but added that if the limitations “are not effective,” the government “would react immediately.”

Mr Heger claims that some of Slovakia’s hospitals are already overburdened, citing Our World in Data’s seven-day rolling average for new daily confirmed cases per one million people as the world’s highest.

According to the research organization, the rate was 1,677.48 per one million persons as of November 19.

Germany’s legislators outlawed it. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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