Unprecedented! As he ignores protests against his plans, Macron has warned that the worst is yet to come.


Unprecedented! As he ignores protests against his plans, Macron has warned that the worst is yet to come.

EMMANUEL Macron is risking more yellow vest-style protests by announcing that his coronavirus passport will go into effect today.

Demonstrators, according to the French President, are a “magma of anti-vax, anti-sciences, and anti-state.” It follows the participation of over 230,000 people in marches across France on Saturday. The protests are the fourth in a row against Mr Macron’s efforts to halt the spread of the coronavirus while reopening the economy.

The number of demonstrators has steadily increased every weekend, surprising police personnel who state that such rallies generally subside during the holidays.

“In the middle of August, it’s simply unprecedented,” said David Le Bars, general secretary of the Union of National Police Superintendents.

He predicted that when the holiday season finishes in September, the protests would pick up.

It would, according to the union chief, cause riots similar to the yellow vest rallies that erupted against Mr Macron in 2018 and 2019.

Mr Le Bars said, “We mustn’t be foolish.”

“Difficult demonstrations will be held. September is shaping up to be a challenging month.”

There was less violence this weekend in Paris, where roughly 17,000 people joined the protest, thanks to 3,000 officers on duty.

Protesters battled with police in tiny provincial cities such as Nantes and Dijon.

To get entry to pubs, cafes, clubs, trains, and coaches, Mr Macron’s plans call for proof of full vaccination or a negative coronavirus test.

It will also be required of those who wish to be admitted to the hospital for non-emergency treatment as well as visitors.

A 19-strong list of “places of activity and leisure” that are covered in the passport scheme includes museums, cinemas, libraries, zoos, and riverboats.

Allies of Mr. Macron argue that the approach is necessary to combat France’s strong anti-vax attitude.

They also say that the announcement has boosted Covid immunization rates, which started slowly but are now delivering 300,000 vaccines every day.

“I am certain that France will soon be one of the most vaccinated countries in the world,” said French health minister Olivier Veran.

Thousands of Italians were outraged when a so-called “green permit” was introduced across the country last week, sparking similar protests.

People who participate in Rome’s plan must have gotten at least one vaccination, have recovered from coronavirus, or have recently had a negative test.

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