‘Unpopular’ ‘He is an EU spokesman!’ says Barnier of his presidential bid.


‘Unpopular’ ‘He is an EU spokesman!’ says Barnier of his presidential bid.

According to National Rally leader Marine Le Pen, MICHEL BARNIER’s presidential ambition has little chance of succeeding because he is no longer recognized as a French politician but rather as an EU representative.

In an interview with the monthly magazine Le Point at the end of April, Mr Barnier hinted at a bid for the French presidency in 2022. The EU’s former chief Brexit negotiator, on the other hand, indicated he will announce his presidential aspirations “in the autumn.” Mr. Barnier, who was speaking ahead of the publication of his book “The Great Illusion,” has been touted as one of several candidates for the center-right party Les Républicains (LR), while Bruno Retailleau, Valérie Pécresse, and Xavier Bertrand remain the favorites.

LR is undecided about how to make the choice, debating whether to go with a primary-style system or simply support a “natural” candidate.

Mr. Barnier established the Patriot and European group in February to bring together like-minded legislators.

“I have a number of ideas and recommendations to make, on all topics, including the State’s authority, decentralization, and environmentally responsible growth,” he told France Info at the time.

However, in an exclusive interview with This website, Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Rally, mocked Mr Barnier’s probable presidential bid, claiming that the French politician is merely an EU mouthpiece.

“Michel Barnier felt he could envisage himself as a prospective presidential candidate for a moment,” she remarked.

“It should be remembered that his return to the French political scene was met with skepticism by his own political family.

“But, above all, Michel Barnier is no longer regarded as a French politician, but rather as the mouthpiece for a European Union that is widely reviled in France.

“I feel his candidacy has little chance of success in a country that voted “No” to the European constitution in 2005.”

Mr Barnier, according to French MEP Philippe Olivier, who also works as a special adviser to Ms Le Pen, has no chance.

“Michel Barnier isn’t even French,” he added.

“He is a European, but not a French European.

“He’s even more ludicrous because he thinks that because he’s accomplished something on a European level, he’s qualified to represent France in some way.

“He believes the EU can bring a governor here, but he fails to recognize that the French people do not want it.

“The French people demonstrated that when they voted in 2005.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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