Unlike Charles, the Queen avoided ‘legitimacy’ problems during her reign by making a single decision.


QUEEN ELIZABETH II has escaped questions about her “legitimacy” as a head of state during her record-breaking reign by choosing not to voice her political views, a royal historian has claimed.

The Queen has achieved popularity and stability as a monarch by never taking part in interviews that could be deemed politically controversial, royal historian and author Dr Ed Owens told This website. Her decision not to share political views marks a stark difference from what Prince Charles has done over the past five decades, the expert also noted.

Asked if Her Majesty could finally sit down for an interview, Dr Owens said: “No, I don’t expect we are going to hear her speaking candidly as part of an interview.

“The reason why questions haven’t been asked about her legitimacy, as a symbolic head of state, is because she has never said anything in an interview that could be deemed at all politically controversial.”

The honorary research associate at the Centre for the Study of Modern Monarchy at Royal Holloway university noted it is known the monarch has a political view – but she has always been careful to never put it on the record.

Analysing what made the Queen’s reign so successful, Dr Owens continued: “The reason why, I think, she is such a popular monarch is that she has managed to conceal any political opinion very effectively.

“The fact that she hasn’t gone on the record is really significant.

“That’s the role of the Constitutional monarch, they are not meant to have a political voice.”

The royal historian went on outlining the main difference between the Queen – silent on her political opinion – and her son and heir Prince Charles, who has made apparent his stances in multiple interviews over his past five decades as Prince of Wales.

Dr Owens said: “The reason why groups such as Republic – the leading anti-monarchist group in the UK – are campaigning against future King Charles III is because he has had too strong a political voice, he has exercised his political opinion, we are very aware of what he thinks and what he believes.

“That is not the role of the Constitutional monarch, he knows that and he knows he will probably need to change when he takes on the role as King.

“But the questions will continue to be. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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