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University Of Montana Linebacker Hides From Police In Dumpster, Pleads Guilty

A linebacker for the University of Montana Grizzlies football team has plead guilty to misdemeanor obstruction of a peace officer on Monday. Despite his best efforts to evade police by hiding in a dumpster, 20-year-old Tyler Mathew Flink was arrested on Saturday after being nabbed for underage drinking.

Regional Montana media outlet the Missoulian reports that the ever-resourceful Flink made several attempts to evade law enforcement on foot, perhaps borrowing a bit from his on-field skills, after police officers responded to a disorderly conduct call at the Top Hat club in Missoula.

The matter came to a dramatic end when 10 Missoula police cars and one Montana Highway Patrol car responded to the 100 block of West Front Street, the location of the Top Hat, at 12:27 a.m. Saturday. Flink was booked in Missoula County Jail approximately one hour later, but was released about an hour later after posting his own bond, according to the Missoula County Jail Roster. He pleaded guilty at an initial court appearance Monday morning.

University of Montana Athletics director Kent Haslam said Monday he was aware of the charges, and the Athletic Conduct Team will decide what the repercussions are for Flink. “We are aware of an incident over the weekend involving a student-athlete and law enforcement,” Haslam wrote. “As we do whenever we have this type of issue, we will follow the process described in the student-athlete code of conduct,” he said. 

Obstructing a peace officer carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $500 fine; however, there is little evidence to suggest that Flink will see maximum repercussions. The obstruction and MIP charges are Category III offenses, the lowest of three categories. It was not immediately clear whether or not this was Flink’s first offense, or what else he has on his record. Such factors could help determine sentencing.

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