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University Challenge viewers go wild for ‘most handsome’ contestant ever – & some think he could be the next James Bond

UNIVERSITY challenge is best known for its impossibly difficult questions, challenging only the best and brightest students in the country to put their minds to the test.

The television programme isn’t renowned for producing model-esque contestants, which is why viewers took to Twitter in their droves to express their surprise after contestant Joshua Mutio appeared on Monday night’s show.

Joshua, who hails from St Helen’s in Merseyside, helped his team from Birckbeck, University of London, secure a 295 – 60 victory over Reading Univeristy.

People were quite taken with the smouldering university student, who donned a grey turtle neck top for the occasion.

One woman flirtatiously tweeted: “Good evening to Mutio only.”

Another gushed: “Is Mutio of @BirkbeckUoL the Handsomest Person of the series so far? Answer: *SWOON*.”

Viewers were quick to pick up on the contestant’s cool demeanour.

Joshua, who is a Politics, Philosophy and Economics Masters student, kept a straight face while focusing on racking his brains for the right answers.

One viewer commented: “In all seriousness. If they’re looking for a new James Bond look no further than this bloke.”

Another joked: “My wife is finding Mutio so cool we’re having to put the central heating on.”

Viewers will no doubt be thrilled to hear Joshua and his teammates are set to return to screens in the competition’s second round.

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