Under-the-thumb Harry will never be able to heal the royal schism.


Under-the-thumb Harry will never be able to heal the royal schism.

A ROYAL specialist has warned that the bitter schism between Princes William and Harry will not heal as long as “Harry is completely under Meghan’s thumb.”

Hugo Vickers, a royal author, stated that Harry had “thrown in his lot with his wife” and that “slamming off his family” had done nothing to help. The un­veiling of the Diana statue at Kensington Palace on Thursday is expected to be overshadowed by the tension. While television cameras will be present, there are no plans to broadcast any programs on the reveal. “The story will not be about the actual presentation of the statue, but about the two boys together, which is what everyone will be focusing on,” Mr Vickers added.

Mr Vickers warns that any attempt at reconciliation in London could result in Harry having to answer for it when he returns to his wife in Los Angeles.

“I don’t know what they can do under the current circumstances,” the author remarked of the odds of peace. Harry needs to realize what’s going on. It’s a really bad scenario, and I don’t think it’ll be the perfect time this week.

“Harry is so enslaved by Meghan that he won’t be able to do anything until he gets out of it.”

He went on to say that the brothers could contact through videolink or phone, but that neither Harry nor Meghan were interested in doing so. “He has thrown in his lot with his wife,” he remarked. Isn’t that all there is to it? It didn’t benefit anyone to make fun of his family. It’s a horrible situation.”

“You have to remember that Harry needs to return to his wife in Los Angeles,” Mr Vickers said, adding that he believes Prince Charles will not intervene in the case.

“Won’t he get his head bitten off if he starts reconciling?” ”

Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal author and observer, concurred that a reconciliation between the princes “doesn’t look hopeful.”

“I believe they will appear publicly to be mutually supportive,” he said.

“However, with Harry’s recent interviews and so many rumors swirling, things need to calm down considerably.”

It comes after royal author Robert Lacey reported that while the princes were spotted speaking pleasantly after Prince Philip’s funeral in April, they were “at each other’s throats” once they were behind closed doors.

Mr Lacey further said that William was enraged by Meghan’s self-promotion and self-pity.

“Meghan can be a.” Brinkwire Summary News, according to a close friend of Harry’s.


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