UN condemns shooting on UN convoy in central Somalia

MOGADISHU, Nov. 6 (Xinhua) — The UN top envoy in Somalia on Tuesday condemned unprovoked shooting on a convoy of UN vehicles along the road between the cities of Galkayo and Adaado in Galmudug state in central region on Saturday.

Nicholas Haysom, UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Somalia, said the convoy was escorted by a dozen of police officers from South Galkayo when it was stopped some 5 km outside Adaado at a checkpoint manned by eight men claiming to be police officers.

Haysom said none of the individuals wore police uniforms, but they obstructed the convoy that was carrying a team of UN personnel assigned to make preparations for an upcoming visit to Dhusamarreb by UN officials.

According to the UN mission, after the UN officials decided to abort the mission and head back to Galkayo, a truck carrying militiamen drove through the checkpoint and opened fire on the UN convoy.

“None of the members of the convoy was injured nor were any of the UN vehicles damaged in the shooting incident,” said the mission.

“Last week’s attack on a UN convoy is unacceptable, and we call on the authorities in Galmudug state and the Federal Government to hold accountable those militiamen who opened fire on our colleagues,” he said in a statement.

The UN envoy said such an attack has not happened to the UN in Somalia for a very long time.

Haysom said the UN personnel must be granted free passage throughout the Horn of Africa nation at all times.

“They must be able to implement the mandates of UNSOM and UN agencies, funds and programs without running the risk of being fired upon for no justifiable reason,” said Haysom.

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