UK weather LIVE: Ex-hurricane Sam makes landfall in the United Kingdom, bringing heavy rain and warm temperatures.


UK weather LIVE: Ex-hurricane Sam makes landfall in the United Kingdom, bringing heavy rain and warm temperatures.

THE MET OFFICE has issued flooding warnings as former hurricane Sam makes her way across the Atlantic.

Its erratic motions will have an impact on the weather in the UK this week, resulting in a “week of two halves” with heavy rains and warmer temperatures. The majority of the country will be hammered by torrential rain and 60 mph winds tonight and tomorrow. However, warmer weather is expected to arrive in the UK on Thursday, with highs of 21°C possible.

“Blustery showers for some today (Monday), a low pressure for Tuesday with wind and rain, particularly for eastern England into Wednesday,” Netweather forecaster Jo Farrow said.

“Then, later this week, keep an eye out for heavy rain from ex-Sam across NW areas of the UK, but it’ll be pleasant, warm, and settled to the south of that front.”

Aidan McGivern, a Met Office meteorologist, predicts that the high pressure will linger when it arrives later this week. He thinks there’s a good chance the pressure will stay the same, and he shows a graph for Southern England to prove it.

When high pressure arrives later this week, it will linger in Southern EnglandGraph for Southern England, below

A computer model run is represented by each line.

At 500 hPa, a higher u2018geopotential2019 approximately equates a higher pressure.

High pressure will endure Excellent agreement (high confidence)

Warm air from the Continent will be drawn in by the ex-storm, forcing high temperatures across the UK.

‘There will be talk of an Indian summer if Sam shoves warm southerly winds and a marked upturn in temperatures our way,’ said ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond.

This evening and tonight, heavy rain is expected to cause havoc. The public has been cautioned to expect the following: – A few homes and businesses have been inundated; – Bus and train services have been impacted, with longer journey times; – Road spray and flooding will cause longer journey timesu26a0ufe0f A yellow weather alert has been issued. u26a0ufe0f Across Wales and the south west of England, heavy rain and strong and gusty winds will sweep eastwards. 1700 u2013 0400 u2013 1700 u2013 1700 u2013 1700 u2013 ud83dudc49 is the most recent information. Stay #WeatherAware at u26a0ufe0f


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