UK weather forecast: Hellish storms to hammer Britain, putting Saturday sporting events on the verge of cancellation.


UK weather forecast: Hellish storms to hammer Britain, putting Saturday sporting events on the verge of cancellation.

The UK is in for a wet weekend, with heavy rain and strong wind gusts anticipated for Saturday sporting events.

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings in two sections of the UK: rain and wind warnings have been issued for the southeast and south coasts of England from 1pm to 10pm, and a rain warning has been issued for the northeast of Scotland from 4pm to 6am on Sunday. More experts have predicted that the rain will have a “significant influence” on the weekend’s sporting events.

Heavy rains may affect professional sport on Saturday, according to Jim N R Dale, Senior Meteorologist at the British Weather Service.

“We’ve issued a Green – Amber watch warning for this Saturday p.m., with heavy rain (10-25mm) in several locations and gusting winds of circa 40mph, 50mph along coastal edges,” he stated.

“We expect some localized flooding and the occasional tree downfall (trees are in leaf), but nothing out of the ordinary.”

“Sporting events will be especially affected.”

According to WXCharts maps, a massive deluge will hit much of the south of England and Wales on Saturday, October 2.

By 3 p.m. on Saturday, Cardiff, Southampton, and London are expected to see rainfall of up to 10 mm per hour.

While the brunt of the rain will have passed by 6 p.m. in the south, Scotland’s downpour will continue at 3 mm per hour on Saturday and Sunday.

Much of the UK should see a break in the rain by Monday, but Hurricane Sam has thrown the UK’s weather patterns into disarray.

Mr Dale acknowledged that Hurricane Sam might have an impact on the weather in the UK later this week.

“Meanwhile, Cat 5 Sam remains in the mid-ocean and is expected to move far to the northwest of the UK as a deep low pressure region later this week, allowing high pressure and warm conditions to edge into most parts, particularly in southern England and south Wales,” he added.

“Bouts of rain and high gusts are heading our way,” BBC Weather said, echoing Mr Dale’s concerns.

“At this time, Saturday night and Sunday show the greatest potential for destructive and disrupting winds.”

Aidan Givern, a Met Office forecaster, added that meteorologists were keeping an eye on Sam’s interactions with the UK’s jet stream, noting that the hurricane’s impact on the weather is “especially unpredictable.”

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