UK Weather: A snow forecast shows when and where flurries will fall.


UK Weather: A snow forecast shows when and where flurries will fall.

A snow forecast shows when and where snow will fall, as well as when and where it won’t.

As the UK prepares for a frigid white weekend, advanced weather maps can now predict how much snow each of us will receive across the Arctic pounding.

The temperature is expected to drop to -2C this weekend, causing millions of Britons to expect a lot of snow.

As we get dangerously close to the impending snowstorm, WXCharts’ advanced weather maps can now show us when and where the snow will fall, as well as how much.

This weekend, millions of Britons are expected to see snowflakes, and Northern England and Scotland aren’t the only places where it’ll fall.

However, some forecasters appear to be at odds over when and who will be affected by the winter weather, with the BBC and the Met Office previously predicting opposing outcomes.

The Brinkwire examined the most recent snow maps to see who might be in luck in the days ahead.

Today should be relatively snow-free in comparison to the coming days.

The Scottish Highlands and the Inverness area, if all goes well, will be the first in the UK to receive snow flurries, as is customary.

A millimetre or two of snow will accumulate on the ground as the weather system bringing snow and high winds builds up ahead of a jet stream.

Flurries are also expected at higher elevations in the Lake District, but no snow is expected to fall on the ground just yet.

Today’s temperatures will also be below freezing.

Lows of 3 to 4 degrees Celsius are expected in London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, and Edinburgh.

In rural areas, especially further north, it could be as cold as 1°C today.

The majority of people will have a miserable day on Friday, regardless of the snow.

From the early hours of the morning until approximately midday, almost everyone will be subjected to heavy rain and strong gusts.

The snow front in Scotland will have grown by the afternoon, with more snow expected across much of the country, including Inverness, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

With only one or two millimetres of snow expected in these areas, the snow should be battling to settle at this point.

By late evening, the snow will have blanketed Newcastle, the Lake District, Manchester, and Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

The majority of the time, the settling will only be a centimetre or two, but those in the North East should expect more.

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