UK weather: A ‘collapsed polar vortex’ is expected to bring’severe cold’ as the country’s first snowfall.


A “COLLAPSED polar vortex” is set to spark chaos across the country as a deep freeze and a flurry of snow is expected to blast the UK within weeks.

The country is set to be hit by Britain’s worst storm in 13 years as a freezing polar vortex is expected to bring a “white Halloween” for some places. According to the latest WXCharts, temperatures are set to plummet to 3 degrees by October 23.

By October 15, Scotland and the north of England will see temperatures rise to only 11 degrees as the winter weather arrives.

As next week begins, temperatures will rise again but towards the end of the month, the cold air is set to bombard the entire country.

On the latest WXCharts, the whole country has turned blue as a “collapsed polar vortex” hits.

Parts of Wales and Scotland are expected to be blanketed in a cover of snow and ice by 6am on October 24.

Southern coastlines could also get a dusting in a “rare” forecast, which was last seen in 2008.

Former BBC weatherman and meteorologist for Weathertrending John Hammond also warned of “high-altitude winds”.

He said: “These high-altitude winds normally intensify as we head towards winter.

“An unusual weakening of the polar vortex may well have impacts on our weather later through autumn and into early winter.

“Sudden stratospheric warming’ events can sometimes lead the polar vortex to go into reverse, which can have dramatic impacts on winter weather and increase the chances of severe cold.”

However, the weatherman reassured there are no immediate signs of a winter white-out yet.

He continued: “The last time that lowland southern Britain saw significant snowfall as early as October was in 2008 – a measure of how rare it is.”

Senior meteorologist Greg Dewhurst predicted: “We’re likely to see some snowy weather in higher parts as October moves into November.


“Likely areas to be affected are the Scottish mountains as well as higher ground in northern England and northern Wales.

“Low areas are unlikely to see any.

“It’s quite normal for this time of year.”

Another meteorologist, Aidan McGivern, urged Brits to make the most of the warmer temperatures this week.

He said: “By the weekend, this low pressure is getting closer though, so it might not last.

“It’s a fine start to the weekend before some rain later Saturday and into Sunday.”

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