UK hot weather forecast: As European heat of 36 degrees Celsius approaches, Britain will turn RED HOT, according to new maps.


UK hot weather forecast: As European heat of 36 degrees Celsius approaches, Britain will turn RED HOT, according to new maps.

According to the latest estimates, Britain might be engulfed in yet another heatwave as sweltering 36°C European heat approaches the country.

The newest Netweather heat maps show shades of dark red across north-west Europe and the United Kingdom this weekend and next week, indicating that the heat may not be gone yet. On Sunday, September 5, France was blanketed in red as searing highs of 34°C swept the country. The shades of red hot air then creep northward towards the south of England, with highs of 25C in Bristol, Brighton, and Bournemouth on the same day, and 26C in London.

Temperatures in western France are expected to increase to searing highs of 36°C a few days later, on Tuesday, September 7.

The charts then show the heat moving back towards England, where Britons may enjoy temperatures of 29 degrees in London, Kent, and Essex on the same day.

On the other hand, highs of 28°C are expected in Brighton, Norwich, and Doncaster on the same day, while 27°C is expected in Manchester, Liverpool, and North Yorkshire.

High pressure, according to Netweather’s Nick Finnis, might help the milder weather last into September.

He went on to say that the heat could become more widespread starting Sunday.

“High pressure appears to be stubbornly in control to conclude the week, as well as through the weekend and into the early weekend, maintaining the dry and steady weather of the previous several weeks,” he said.

“The area of high pressure has been unusually powerful for this time of year, with a pressure reading of 1038mb at Stornoway, Western Isles, yesterday.

“Friday will be predominantly gloomy for many, with some bright spells forming throughout the northwest and southern England.

“Temperatures similar to today, in the low twenties when the sun shines, and the high teens when it’s cloudy.

“On Saturday, as high pressure moves eastward toward Scandinavia, the wind will shift to the southeast, modifying the cloud distribution, allowing sunny conditions to develop in the south while cloudier skies persist in the north and east. A few showers are possible in the far northwest.

“Sunday could see more sunshine throughout England and Wales as high pressure continues to move east across Scandinavia, with temperatures responding upwardly as a warm southeasterly breeze emerges from the near continent.

“Temperatures in southern England might reach 26-27 degrees Celsius.

“Scotland is a question mark.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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