UFO sightings: According to a UFO investigator, the Pentagon hasn’t ruled out aliens, which is major news.


UFO sightings: According to a UFO investigator, the Pentagon hasn’t ruled out aliens, which is major news.

THE PENTAGON’S official inquiry of UFO sightings by US military personnel was inconclusive, which, according to a former Ministry of Defense insider, lends credence to the alien theory.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) published its preliminary assessment of unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs – military jargon for UFOs – after months of intense speculation about a number of high-profile UFO sightings. The Pentagon report on June 25 was expected to shed new light on America’s adversaries’ technological capabilities and advancements, according to some. Others awaited the report in the hopes that it would validate more than 50 years of UFO mania and extraterrestrial research.

The report’s inconclusive character backed up neither of these predictions, offering few clear reasons.

The published document is a condensed, nine-page version of a larger document that is still classified and in the hands of the House Services and Armed Services Committees, at least for the time being.

The document neither confirms nor denies that UFOs seen zipping around by US pilots are aliens, which is why many people are still excited about its findings.

Nick Pope, a former MoD insider who investigated UFO sightings for the British government in the 1990s, is especially pleased with the report’s ambiguity.

He told this website that if there was even a remote chance the US intelligence agencies could have ruled out an alien origin for these sightings, they would have done so.

The report looked into 144 UFO sightings reported by military personnel, mostly between 2001 and 2004.

Many of them were shot by US pilots, including footage of “alien craft” that was leaked online and later confirmed by the Pentagon.

The report concluded that “we currently lack sufficient information in our dataset to attribute incidents to specific explanations” in all but one case – most likely a “deflating balloon.”

This, according to Mr Pope, is excellent news for those seeking an answer to the fundamental question of whether or not we are alone in the universe.

“While the UFO community may not have received their holy grail of ‘Disclosure,’ they should be pleased: while not confirmed, the US government did not rule out the extraterrestrial hypothesis – and I believe they would have, if they could.

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