UFO sighting: The Pentagon confirms that a leaked video of a UFO flying over a US warship is real –


UFO sighting: The Pentagon confirms that a leaked video of a UFO flying over a US warship is real –

According to a startling revelation from the Pentagon, leaked photographs and videos of UFO sightings captured by US Navy personnel are authentic.

The sightings were verified two years ago by US Navy personnel off the California coast, according to a representative for the US Department of Defense. The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force, which is part of the US Office of Naval Intelligence, is looking into the strange footage that was shared. The UAP Task Force has been collecting reports and sightings of unexplained phenomena to present to Congress in June in a report.

Despite the fact that the sightings do not conclusively indicate that alien ETs have visited our planet, the UAP Task Force is eager to detect potential national security risks.

The sightings were revealed to filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and investigative journalist George Knapp in 2019 and appear to show a number of UFOs buzzing over four warships off the coast of California.

A triangular or pyramid-shaped object may be seen soaring through the sky late at night in one video.

The object was filmed when deployed from the USS Russell destroyer, according to Mr Corbell.

“The US Navy photographed and videotaped ‘pyramid’ shaped UFOs and ‘spherical’ advanced transmedium vehicles, here is the footage,” Mr Corbell claimed on Twitter.

On the website ExtraordinaryBeliefs.com, he commented on the sightings, including a number of alleged sightings.

An FA-18 pilot used his own phone to picture FOs from his cockpit in one case.

The “ACORN,” the “METAL BLIMP,” and the “SPHERE” are the official names for the objects.

A “spherical craft” was sighted over the USS Omaha combat ship and was witnessed entering the ocean “without destruction” in another occurrence.

Here is footage of the US Navy photographing and filming “pyramid” shaped UFOs and “spherical” advanced transmedium vehicles.

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“I was able to receive information regarding this and other UAP related briefings – as well as – two unclassified slides and some of the most fascinating military captured UAP footage I have ever seen,” Mr Corbell wrote.

Although the origin of these objects is unknown, the Pentagon has at least certified that the film is genuine.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” a Pentagon spokeswoman Susan Gough told TheBlackVault.


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