UFO sighting: An alien seeker believes Google Maps photos of UFOs over Florida are “100% proof.”


UFO sighting: An alien seeker believes Google Maps photos of UFOs over Florida are “100% proof.”

Scott C Waring, a UFO hunter, claims to have found irrefutable evidence of extraterrestrial activity above Florida. Google Maps screenshots are his proof.

Despite the fact that scientists have yet to discover proof of life beyond Earth, many conspiracy theorists believe we are not alone. There is a large corpus of alleged evidence to corroborate the existence of aliens, ranging from grainy images obtained in the dead of night to dubious testimonials of so-called UFO abductees. Scott C Waring, a well-known conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed UFO expert, is a firm believer in extraterrestrial life.

Mr Waring routinely uploads photographs and video clips on his site, UFOSightingsDaily.com, that he says confirm his weird beliefs and assertions.

The ET hunter provided Google Maps photographs in his most recent tweet, claiming to show seven spherical objects flying over Florida.

The satellite photographs come from December 2002 and show Palm Beach, Florida.

The images all appear to show blue-greyish blobs strewn throughout Palm Beach in various locations.

These are “100% proof” aliens are among us, according to Mr Waring.

And Mr Waring isn’t the only person to make similar accusations on the internet.

He previously uploaded photographs of what he said was a “metallic fat disc” sighted on Google Maps above New Zealand.

He also claimed to have discovered a full city and pyramid underwater off the coast of Cuba on another occasion.

Mr Waring claims to have made this most recent find years ago but has kept it buried in his vault.

He’s now written about it on his blog and YouTube channel, where the “UFOs” were welcomed with a healthy dose of skepticism.

“I’ve mentioned many times over the years that Florida has an alien base that stretches from the water to parts of the state itself,” he said.

“This video of these seven UFOs proves it without a shadow of a doubt.

“I mean, two of the UFOs are actually materializing through the earth and casting shadows on neighboring trees,” says the witness.

“The UFOs are all 60 meters across and the identical shape, with the exception of a few that are inclined.

“Due to the propulsion systems, they all have a mist fuzziness surrounding them.”

“Great catch,” said one of Mr Waring’s supporters in response to the photos.

“Is there a chance that was just one UFO circling around but Google camera caught it.” Brinkwire Summary News, added another.


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