UFO sighting: A year-long glimpse of a ‘black triangle’ near the Sun has sparked ET conspiracy theories.


UFO sighting: A year-long glimpse of a ‘black triangle’ near the Sun has sparked ET conspiracy theories.

A “black triangle” was detected flying around the Sun for more than a year, sending UFO hunters into a frenzy. Is it possible that the solar system has been visited by “intelligent alien species,” or is there a more simple explanation?

The purported UFO was initially seen on the Helioviewer device more than a year ago. The online application allows users to view the most recent images of the Sun taken by a variety of satellites, including NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and NASA-SOHO ESA’s mission. Scott C Waring, a self-professed ET expert and conspiracy believer, claims to have rediscovered the mysterious object a year after his first discovery.

Mr. Waring posted about the object on his blog, UFOSightingsDaily, where he speculated wildly about its origin.

He claimed it could be an alien spacecraft because the triangle came near the Sun at regular intervals.

The UFO investigator then speculated that the triangle could be an entrance to a “hollow Sun” or a wormhole.

It’s worth noting that none of Mr Waring’s theories contained more probable explanations for the photographs, such as a software fault.

“I was gazing at the sun on Helioviewer this week and saw the black triangle I found over a year ago is still there,” Mr Waring commented.

“Every three months, it appears to move. It goes in the other way every three months, in other words.

“It’s strange, but have a look at the video I made. It’ll all make sense in the end.

“Now, this may be a massive triangle ship, but I noticed some white cubes coming out of it, so I’m curious… if it’s a hollow Sun’s doorway? Or a wormhole that can be used for universal travel?

“There are so many options… “However, they all point to intelligent alien species as the cause of this phenomenon.”

Mr Waring also posted his find on his YouTube channel, where it received a lot of positive feedback from other UFO enthusiasts.

Someone speculated that the mysterious spacecraft is keeping an eye on our Sun’s activity.

“I wonder whether this thing is what saves the Earth from the worst of the Sun’s antics,” another person speculated.

“If that’s the case, I’m grateful that it’s there.

“We can’t always be predicting doom and gloom, can we?”

“Looks strange to me…” stated a third person.

It also makes you wonder what material it is composed of…”

However, the. “Brinkwire Summary News” is most likely.


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