UFO sighting: A green light was seen over an Indonesian volcano, but were aliens present?


UFO sighting: A green light was seen over an Indonesian volcano, but were aliens present?

Experts agreed that a green flash of light over Indonesia’s Mount Merapi most likely originated in space, sending UFO enthusiasts into a frenzy – but was it truly created by aliens?

The strange flash occurred over Mount Merapi in late May of this year, prompting speculation that alien UFOs were visiting our world. Indonesian photographer Gunarto Song captured what appears to be a Death Star beam shooting out of the erupting volcano at first glance. Mr Song took a photo of the green streak over Merapi on May 26 and posted it to his Instagram profile in the hopes of finding answers.

Is it possible that an extraterrestrial UFO is travelling above the Indonesian island of Java?

Is it possible that it was a stray meteor from this year’s annual Eta Aqaurid shower, which peaked on May 28?

According to Scott C Waring, a well-known conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed ET expert, it was the former.

Mr Waring discovered the extraordinary photograph online and posted it to his blog, UFOSightinggsDaily.com, where he explained his strange interpretation of the phenomena.

Gunarto Song Photography (@gunarto song) shared a post.

The green streak, he believes, was generated by an alien spacecraft flying into or out of the volcano, where the ETs are thought to be sheltering.

Mr Waring has a lengthy history of alleging that UFOs utilize volcanoes as a base of operations on Earth, and he has shared a slew of dubious films and photographs to back up his claims.

He claimed a UFO was captured on camera flying out of Sicily’s Stromboli volcano last year, but it was most likely a bird.

He also claimed to have discovered a UFO flying out of Mexico’s El Popo volcano on another occasion.

“Volcanoes worldwide have been related to UFO sightings, and more and more images and video are recording such events every day,” he stated of the recent sighting.

“If UFOs are entering and exiting a volcano’s mouth, they must be going somewhere important.

“This is why I believe aliens exploit volcanoes’ mouths, because few humans travel there and there is a lower risk of being spotted.

“It makes a lot of sense to have an alien base five to six kilometers beneath the mountain’s surface. That reality is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

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