UFO According to an expert, a Pentagon report ordered by Trump might start an alien “arms race.”


UFO According to an expert, a Pentagon report ordered by Trump might start an alien “arms race.”

THE PENTAGON’S UFO report is due out shortly, prompting one alien researcher to dread the beginnings of an alien “arms race.”

In his final coronavirus relief bill in December, US President Donald Trump asked the Pentagon to share all of its material on “unidentified aerial phenomenon” (UAP) within 18 days. The Pentagon’s brief on “seen aerial objects that have not been recognized” is set to be issued in June, following the publication of footage showing UFOs near Navy vessels by the US.

The publishing of the study, according to Cristina Gomez, host of the Paradigm Shifts UFO Channel on YouTube, could be harmful if it confirms the existence of alien technology on Earth.

She also believes that if extraterrestrials are discovered, the US will not provide “full disclosure,” and that any UAPs will be described as “suspected foreign adversary drone technologies, rather than naming them as having a ‘Off-World’ origin” by the Pentagon.

“If a government were to obtain concrete evidence that these craft flying through our skies and traveling through our oceans are originating from one or more extraterrestrial civilisations, it would be entirely prudent of them to investigate whether or not they posed an existential threat to us as a species,” she continued.

“And I suppose this would be the first and most serious concern they would have about such visits to our Earth.

“I assume the entire matter would be given the highest security classification possible during the investigation.”

Ms Gomez told the Daily Star that if the report uncovers alien technology, it might destabilize world ties and lead to a new form of “arms race.”

“In this scenario, if the physical proof consisted of debris, or at the very least some recovered components of substantially superior technology, then obviously there would be anxiety that such technology might fall into the hands of one or more of their foreign adversaries,” she told the website.

“Not only would the government in issue not want to alert other nations to the fact that it now held extraterrestrial technology, but it would also have an urgent need to know if other countries had similar technical artefacts in their possession and were studying them.

“It might and would be recognized as a new form at the highest levels.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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