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Typhoons bring flood risks to 23 rivers in China’s Heilongjiang

The water of 23 rivers in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province is flowing above the warning level due to continuous rainfall brought by Typhoon Maysak and Typhoon Haishen, local authorities said Thursday.

On Thursday, 36 hydrological observation stations along the rivers saw water levels above the ‘alert marks’ by 0.00 to 1.95 meters, according to the provincial water resources department.

Affected by recent rainfall and heavy flow upstream, the Songhua River, the largest tributary of Heilongjiang River (known as the Amur in Russia), and Suifen River in the province, both saw their first floods of the year on Wednesday.

Typhoon and flooding have affected farmlands and damaged crops, according to the department of agriculture and rural affairs of the province, which is one of China’s agriculturally rich provinces.

Compared with other provinces in eastern and southern China, typhoons are less common in Heilongjiang as it is not located near a large area of open sea. 

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