Two years after going missing, a lost pet dog was discovered by its owner on live television.


Two years after going missing, a lost pet dog was discovered by its owner on live television.

A DOG OWNER has been reunited with his missing pet after luckily spotting his canine during a live TV report two years ago.

On July 21, the man, known as Dwight, was watching FOX6 News Milwaukee’s morning program when he recognized his puppy, Payday, during the Adopt-A-Pet feature. The Wisconsin Humane Society was revealed to be caring for the long-lost canine, who was described as having an underbite and dark fur.

Dwight promptly called the TV station after hearing the description and viewing footage of Payday to check that it was indeed his dog.

Later that afternoon, both the owner and the pet were reunited at the animal rescue center.

“It must have left it on by accident—or perhaps thanks to fate,” the Wisconsin Humane Society stated of someone spotting their missing dog while watching the TV show air.

“With only one glimpse at the photo, Dwight recognized Payday, his long-lost puppy who had been missing for nearly two years!”

“Payday was originally purchased for Dwight’s now 12-year-old daughter, who was still grieving over the awful loss of her closest friend,” the shelter explained, adding that another member of Dwight’s family would be pleased to see the dog.

The Wisconsin Humane Society’s Facebook page showed a video of the lost dog being greeted for the first time by Dwight’s mother, Melissa, who arrived to take up “the loving pet.”

Payday runs up enthusiastically to Melissa, who scoops up the puppy and exclaims, “My baby!” as the small hound kisses her face in the video.

“We are beyond delighted for this beautiful family to finally be whole again,” reads the Facebook post, which has received 937 likes.

Several viewers expressed their joy at the touching footage, with one Facebook user, Sherry Scheffler Schinkowitch, writing: “No other proof needed that he was their baby!” How fortunate they were to find each other.”

“YAY!” Dawn K. Harwood exclaimed. I’m so glad you’re safe and sound with your family!”

“That baby knew who his mommy was! Soo pleased for them both!” Rachel Marie exclaimed.

A dog was rescued after becoming wedged between two walls.

“Returning lost animals to their homes is a vital element of our everyday animal sheltering work, and it’s a honor to.”Brinkwire Summary News”, the Wisconsin Humane Society told Newsweek.


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