Two Thousand Empty Container Trucks Stopped At Torkham

A number of truck drivers and traders on Monday said border police at Torkham Gate have stopped over 2,000 empty container trucks and are refusing to allow them into Pakistan. 

The drivers and traders said the border police have not given them any reason for the stoppage. 

The drivers said they had transferred goods from different countries in the containers, but are now being prevented from returning the containers to Pakistan. 

“One month has passed. They take 5,000 AFs and then let the trucks to go, but now they take 50 AFs. Whoever pays money is free to go, but we are stuck here,” Rayes Khan, a driver said. 

The traders and drivers said they have rented the containers from Karachi and other ports and it costs them thousands of dollars every day if they are not allowed back into Pakistan. 

“One month has passed. We have to pay the salary of the driver and cleaner. From where should we find this money and to whom should we complain,” Zamarak, a trader said. 

Border police at Torkham Gate did not comment on the issue, but the interior ministry said they have started an investigation into the issue. 

“We will assess the issue to find out whether it has been ordered by the finance ministry or if police are doing it,” the interior ministry’s spokesman Najib Danish said. 

Meanwhile, a number of traders said in a voice message sent to TOLOnews that now some people at Torkham Gate have let container trucks through in exchange for money. 

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