Two RB Leipzig players share their impressions of Ralf Rangnick with Manchester United’s stars.


Two RB Leipzig players share their thoughts on Ralf Rangnick with Manchester United’s stars.

Ralf Rangnick is set to take over as Manchester United’s interim manager until the end of the season, and two of his former players have given Cristiano Ronaldo and co. some insight into what to expect from the German manager.

Manchester United’s stars have been told what to expect from interim manager Ralf Rangnick by two RB Leipzig players.

Rangnick, 63, has agreed a six-month contract with the Red Devils to take charge of the team until the end of the season.

The transfer is conditional on the German’s current club, Lokomotiv Moscow, releasing him from his contract, which is not expected to be an issue.

Rangnick was hired quickly, and United’s players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, are likely to be unsure of what to expect from their new manager.

Rangnick, who has previously managed Hannover, Schalke, Hoffenheim, and RB Leipzig, has a stellar reputation for his emphasis on youth development and counter-pressing, which has influenced peers such as Jurgen Klopp.

That’s all well and good, but the best measure of all is perhaps the testimony of players who have worked under him.

And it’s safe to say he acquits himself admirably in this regard.

When Rangnick arrived at RB Leipzig in 2015, striker Yussuf Poulsen was already there.

He only has good things to say about a man he refers to as a “perfectionist.”

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“Rangnick is a perfectionist; he considers all the small details,” he said in 2018.

He is very ambitious and is always striving to improve, as well as doing everything for us so that we can give our all on the field.

“This encompasses everything, both on and off the field.”

Rangnick’s abilities have been lauded by a number of people, including Poulsen.

Kevin Kampl only worked for the 63-year-old for one season, but it was enough time for the veteran coach to leave an impression on the midfielder.

“I’ve known Rangnick for quite some time,” he said in 2018.

“I have to say that I have met a lot of people in football, but I have never met anyone who is as passionate about the game as he is.”

Everything is perfect because he works so hard.

“Not just on the field, but in all aspects of life.”

He goes to great lengths to ensure that the players are at the top of their game; all you have to do is focus on your football.

He performs admirably.

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