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Two-faced Lily Allen has gushed about Taylor Swift just months after branding her music ‘awful’

LILY ALLEN was so chuffed she got free Taylor Swift merch at the weekend that she showed it off on social media.

But I doubt Tay Tay would have sent the cream cardigan if she knew what the outspoken singer really thought about her.

In a radio interview Lily described the superstar’s music as “awful”.

But that didn’t stop her sharing a picture on Instagram of her in the jumper — made to celebrate Taylor’s new album Folklore — with a heart emoji and the caption: “I love it.”

Asked in February about what music her young daughters Marnie and Ethel like, Lily said: “They make me listen to awful music that I can’t handle.

“They like very mainstream pop stuff.

“They like Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa. Ethel will come home and go, ‘Have you heard Justin Bieber — Yummy?’ And I’m like, ‘Please, turn around and get out of the house’.”

She added in the interview for Rinse FM: “They’re just at that age where they want to listen to the stuff the bigger girls in the playground are playing. They don’t really know much.”

Along with the cardi, Taylor sent Lily a note which read: “I hope this cardigan will keep you warm and cosy in these extremely uncosy times.”

To be fair, the last thing anyone needs right now is knitwear.

I imagine Lily wouldn’t mind having a dance to a few of Taylor’s tunes, but wanted to keep up the pretence during her interview that she’s “cool” and only listens to grime and house music.

She won’t need a cardigan for parties where they play that racket.

AS the son of Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp and WHAM! backing singer Shirlie Kemp, Roman Kemp was always going to have music in his veins.

But now his big sister Harley Moon Kemp has revealed the Capital Breakfast DJ hasn’t only got a skill playing top tunes.

In an exclusive chat, Harley, who launched her own music career with single Space last month, said of her brother: “Roman can secretly sing.

“He’s not the singer of the family but he’s not bad.

“He wouldn’t do a duet with me, he’s more Capital Radio club music.

“Being part of the Kemp family is really fun.

“We are all such close friends and such a tight- knit family.

“I had always been a bit shy to do my music when you’ve got the Kemp branding, I felt very afraid of being judged, so I always stayed behind the scenes.”

Ahead of the release of her next tune She Looks Like Me on September 18, Harley also revealed she had no idea who her dad’s chart-topping band were until she was 21.

She said: “We didn’t really listen to Spandau Ballet.

“I don’t think people really listen to their own music when they get home.

“My dad was always listening to AC/DC.”

DAVE and Stormzy seem to be having the time of their life partying in Dubai.

The rappers were spotted on a night out, with Stormzy in these oversized heart-shaped sunglasses. They posed for another snap in one of the city’s nightclubs.

The Vossi Bop star flew out to the UAE after throwing a big party at his London home for his 27th birthday, where Funky Friday MC Dave was one of his guests.

Stormzy was also joined at the bash by his latest love interest model Yasmine Holmgren, who he flew in from Sweden.

Judging by the fun these lads have been having in Dubai, the birthday celebrations still haven’t ended.

LITTLE MIX’s Jesy Nelson could soon have a hefty commute when it comes to working in the capital – she’s eyeing up a move to Cornwall.

The singer was spotted on holiday in the county with boyfriend Sean Sagar at the weekend and is now planning to buy a home there.

She said: “Cornwall is beautiful. I’m going to go there to look at some houses with my mum.

“She’s my biggest fan, she goes to all our concerts. I will see her at, like, 20 in a row.”

Jesy has a mansion in Essex, although she had barely lived there before lockdown due to the group’s relentless schedule.

She told an Aussie radio station: “It was so weird. I’ve had my house for a few years now and lockdown was the first time I properly lived in it.

“This is the longest I’ve lived in my house for years.

“I’ve been eating chocolate for breakfast, chocolate for lunch and chocolate for dinner.

“I really should sort my life out because I’ve got a few chins, but I can’t seem to pull myself together.”

That’s not far off what most of us have been like in lockdown, Jesy.

JLS singer JB Gill somehow mistook Adele for a fan when they met in the street.

It was shortly before her 2015 No1 Hello came out.

He told Fleur East’s The Reality Of Reality TV podcast: “I walked down Oxford Street and I bumped into her. She went, ‘Hi, JB. How you doing?’ I had a full conversation with her and didn’t know it was her.

“I was like, ‘I know your face but are you a fan?’ I said, ‘Should we do a photo quickly?’ She said a few times, ‘It’s me, Adele’. I was like, ‘Yeah, hi Adele’.

“A couple of weeks later she was on The X Factor and I was on there as well.”

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