Two dogs’mauled owner to death,’ according to a corpse discovered in the garden with bite marks.


Two dogs allegedly mauled the owner to death, as evidenced by the presence of bite marks on the body found in the garden.

Tiffany L Frangione’s two dogs allegedly turned on her when she tried to intervene in a fight they were having with the neighbors’ dogs, injuring her neck and leaving her with puncture wounds.

A woman found dead in her garden is thought to have been mauled by two of her own dogs.

Tiffany L Frangione, 48, of Houston, Texas, attempted to intervene in a fight between her two dogs and the dogs of her neighbors, but her dogs turned on her, puncturing her neck, according to the Daily Mail.

According to the Houston Chronicle, her death was caused by “blunt force trauma of her neck with penetrating injuries and mechanical asphyxia,” according to the medical examiner.

The 48-year-old is thought to have been attacked by her two dogs, Masha, a three-year-old female Alaskan husky mix, and Rachirius Maximus, a three-year-old male Cane Corso mix.

Both dogs had been Frangione’s since they were puppies, with Masha arriving at three weeks old and Rachirius Maximus arriving at nine months.

The BARC Animal Shelter in Houston confirmed to that those were the dogs involved in the attack, that Frangione’s husband had turned them over to the shelter after the attack, and that they will be euthanized on Monday.

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Frangione had shared numerous photos of her puppies on social media, and she had even set up Instagram accounts for both of them.

Rachirius Maximus and Masha had puppies together in 2019, and she felt “truly blessed,” according to her previous posts.

Rachirius Maximus was born in Dubai and was previously a guard dog, according to a 2018 post by Frangione.

“I came all the way from Dubai to the United States with my two brothers,” the post said.

“I was brought in to quietly guard a sheik’s compound, but I was torn between the job I was hired to do and my caring and loving nature.

“I chose to abandon my previous life as a high-profile bodyguard and dedicate myself to loving and protecting my new masters.”


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