Two brothers are furious because they want to build a massive cemetery on greenbelt land.


Two brothers are enraged because they want to build a massive cemetery on public land.

THOUSANDS of outraged residents have spoken out against plans to build a massive cemetery on lush greenbelt land.

Billionaire brothers Zuber and Mohsin Issa want to build an 85-acre multi-faith cemetery near Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, on previously undeveloped land.

Locals have retaliated, claiming that the 68-acre plot will encroach on wildlife, devalue properties, and pollute the area with unwanted noise, light, and traffic.

A petition opposing the development has been signed by nearly 4,000 people and delivered to Hyndburn Borough Council.

Residents have formed a campaign group to legally challenge the proposals, which has received support from environmental, highway, and water authorities.

Say No To The Cemetery has so far raised £14,000 for the cause.

They spent the money on a landscape architect, a law firm, and a planning consultant to show that the cemetery is both unnecessary and harmful.

According to Lancs Live, the cemetery is also being built on land that floods every winter, potentially contaminating waterways.

Construction may also endanger wildlife, as the project’s completion will bring more traffic to an area that is already congested.

The site is overlooked by a primary school, which could cause disruption for children, and 24-hour floodlights will cause light pollution seven days a week.

The campaign group also claims that the cemetery will devalue local properties by up to 50%.

Excavation could take months or even a year, and 67,000 trucks of material will be needed.

The rolling Lancashire hills will also be leveled as a result of the extension leveling work.

“The locals do not want this – it’s as simple as that,” said a spokesperson for Say No To The Cemetery.

We don’t want our greenbelt to be taken away from us.

“The cemetery will harm the community in a variety of ways, which is why our group is raising funds to compile a technical rebuttal and fight back.”

“Here, our heritage status is in jeopardy.

We recognize that this is a David vs. Goliath battle, but we will not surrender.”

“[The] need for burial plots within the North West of England has become critical, a situation exacerbated by COVID-19,” the Issa Foundation said in November.

“For the Muslim community, the proposal is a matter of public interest, and.

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