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Twins’ incredible reaction after hearing Phil Collins’ in The Air Tonight for the first time goes viral

TWINS’ incredible reaction to hearing Phil Collins’ smash hit In The Air Tonight is going viral online after they uploaded it to YouTube. 

Tim and Fred Williams, 21, from Indiana, run a channel called First Time Hearing, where they share their thoughts on classic songs from yesteryear. 

The brothers have previously shared their reaction to Dolly Parton’s Jolene and the Carpenters’ We’ve Only Just Begun, and this time it was the turn of Phil Collins. 

The boys listened to the 1981 track and recorded their reaction for their 200,000 subscribers – but the brilliant video quickly hit more than 1.5 million views.

Their facial expressions and comments have seen the clip widely shared and tweeted about, with people calling their reaction “gold”.

As the pair begin listening, Tim reckons the intro sounds like “a rain entrance or something”. 

The pair begin to get excited after the first line, when Phil sings ‘oh lord’, with the boys pausing the track. 

As the song gets going he says “Okay… hold up”, as the pair compare the melody to an entrance theme song. 

Tim says: “This is like a WWE entrance.

“I can see somebody walking down to the ring with this.”

But it’s when the iconic drumbeat drops a few minutes into the song that really excites them, and they pause the tune yet again. 

Fred says it was as if Phil thought people were “sleeping on him”, and he had to “wake them up”. 

He added: “I gotta download this to my phone.”

Tim agreed, saying: “That was cool how he did that. I ain’t gonna lie. You got me on that.”

And referencing what made the track so iconic, Tim added he’d “never seen somebody drum a beat three minutes into a song”. 

By the end of the track the pair are Phil Collins fans, with Fred saying: “Okay, Phil. Man killed it, bro.

“That song was cool. I ain’t gonna lie.” 

Their reaction has proved a hit online, with one person saying: “These 2 teens listening to In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins for the first time is absolute gold.”

Someone else tweeted: “That moment they knew Phil Collins was the man.” 

A third wrote: “These kids reacting to Phil Collins is everything I needed to see in the world rn. Sound ON.”

This person thought: “Who drops a beat 3 minutes into a song? Mr. Collins that’s who!”

While this fan added: “I was waiting for the drums to hit, and you did not disappoint.”

The song is widely regarded as one of Phil’s best pieces of work, and reached number two in the UK singles chart when it was released. 

The track is infamous for its drum break towards the end, which was used in an iconic Cadbury advert in 2007, which showed a gorilla paying the drums.

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