Turn out to be a grasp demon hunter with our Satan Might Cry 5 weapons and talents information

In Devil May Cry 5, you’ll play as three characters that use a variety of weapons and an incredible number of upgradable abilities. A question you might ask yourself is what are the best upgrades for each weapon that Nero, Dante, and V wields? Our Devil May Cry 5 weapons and upgrades guide will help you save on some red orbs and master the deep customization options and a huge number of abilities so you can focus on playing the game your way.

Wire Snatch

The Wire Snatch move gives Nero the ability to pull smaller enemies directly in front of him, or pull himself directly in front of larger enemies. As many of Nero’s attacks end with him knocking an enemy back, Wire Snatch is crucial to keeping combos strung together as you increase your style rank. Make sure you upgrade the Wire Snatch completely in order to use it from longer distances.

The Red Queen is a sword Nero will use for the entirety of Devil May Cry 5. The enormous blade delivers impressive damage in just a few strikes, and it’s fitted with a combustion “Exceed” engine to deliver even more destruction when revved up. The Red Queen is what you’ll use to chain most of your combo attacks together, and it’s versatile enough to use in almost any situation. Worthwhile abilities to unlock include:

Dash forward and slice your enemy. This ability is similar to Dante’s “Stinger,” but ends in a large slash rather than a fast combination of stabs. Streak is ideal for closing the distance on bosses or enemies who are guarding against ranged attacks.

While in the air, Nero does a combination of slices on an enemy and then throws them even higher into the air. For enemies causing you headaches while you’re trying to battle their friends, it can keep them out of the fight long enough to cull the herd.

Nero will quickly take a step back, then slam forward with a single slash. This is ideal for faster bosses and against single enemies who don’t stay in the same place for very long before moving. Its damage is impressive, and it can be the first attack you land in a longer chain.

Nero dashes from midair in a diagonal line, striking an enemy on the ground below. As the finishing move after juggling an enemy in the air, Payline is absolutely crucial, and when paired with Wire Snatch, you can repeat this technique multiple times in a row.

The Blue Rose is a multi-barreled revolver that fire powerful rounds. Halfway between the Ebony and Ivory set and the Coyote-A shotgun, it delivers high damage while also being quick enough to use in a pinch. Nero doesn’t need to rely on it as heavily as Dante does with his guns, but it can make certain fights a whole lot easier. Worthwhile abilities to unlock include:

Load multiple rounds into the barrel at once before firing, dealing extended damage to enemies. Can be used to tie up one target while you focus on others.

 Launch an extremely powerful round at an enemy, sending them flying backward. Charge Shot takes quite a bit of time to prepare, but the damage it does makes it great for finishing off enemies at long range.

Nero uses disposable “Devil Breakers” on his right arm, giving him access to special attacks that change depending on which one he has equipped. It’s worth experimenting with them all, but we’ve detailed a few of the most effective ones below:

Your initial Devil Breaker, the Overture offers great damage and is quick enough that you can do it with little chance of being interrupted. Against bosses with big weak points, it’s particularly effective.

Fires rocket punches at enemies, dealing damage over time and allowing you to simultaneously slash with the Red Queen or fire the Blue Rose.

Uses special “Buster” technique to do enormous damage to enemies. Ideal for one-on-one fights, as it’s extremely expensive to replace.

Slows time in a small bubble. Best for when enemies are crowded together near Nero, as you can then tie them up in a combo before the ability runs its course. Ineffective against larger bosses.

 Swings a whip-like Simon Belmont on amphetamines. Deals damage to all nearby targets, and great for crowd management if you’re getting backed into a corner.