Turkish Televangelist Taunts Caged Kangaroo By Swinging Punches at The Frightened Animal’s Face: Video

A controversial televangelist is facing mounting backlash after he repeatedly abused a caged kangaroo at a zoo in Turkey earlier this month.

In a video shared on social media, Tuncer Ciftci, a self-styled prophet, can be seen taunting a kangaroo behind a metal fence, throwing punches at the frightened animal’s face. The footage was reportedly taken on Saturday.

For over a minute, Ciftci repeatedly tries to hit the kangaroo, who manages to dodge almost every throw. Towards the end of the clip, the man can be seen getting visibly frustrated that none of his punches are landing and instead attempts to headbutt the animal.

The kangaroo does not react in the clip, apart from staring at Ciftci staunchly while swiftly evading his jabs. The televangelist then grabs the fence and shakes it violently in a bid to rattle the animal, while the person filming the incident can be heard laughing in the background.

Ciftci is a self-proclaimed “Mahdi,” a redeemer of Islam who will rid the world of evil in the years leading up to the Day of Judgment. According to the Encyclopedia of Islam, a Madhi is not recognized by the Quran, only in the hadith.

Ciftci’s critics and followers alike were disgusted by his actions in the video. After the clip was released on social media, users took to the comments section to condemn the man for his “cowardly” actions.

“What a big man, how sad that this is allowed to happen,” one user said. “This is absolutely horrific, what an absolute piece of scum that man is.”

Another wrote: “Why the hell is a roo in Turkey. I can tell you that if the cowardly bloke didn’t have a fence between him and the roo, the roo would rip his belly open with a hind leg in a second!”

“I would bed [sic] my money that if he’d entered that fence, the kangaroo would win. No doubt,” a different user added.

POS! The clip shows Turkish televangelist Tuncer Ciftci lunging at a kangaroo in Turkey. Repeatedly aims punches at the frightened animal, which ducks out of the way.
Man filming can be heard laughing while self-styled prophet taunts the creature . pic.twitter.com/gEJAA2LkLq

#AnimalAbuse is NOT fun ___

This Turkish delusional maniac abusing a kangaroo in a zoo #PETA should take a notice of this.#AnimalRights @tuncerciftci_ @peta pic.twitter.com/lZ3X37t4W4

I hope a great big kangaroo knocks you out cold, you hideous “man”

The news comes just days after a zoo in Egypt was accused of painting a donkey with black stripes in order to pass it off as a zebra.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, Mahmoud Sarhan, a student who visited Cairo’s International Garden municipal park, shared a photo of the animal and pointed out that the “stripes” were smudged.

“The stupidity has reached in the country that they brought a local donkey and painted it to look like a zebra,” Sarhan wrote in Arabic, reported CNN.

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