Turkey: Landslide destroys 22 houses in northern Ordu


A landslide destroyed 22 buildings in the Black Sea province of Ordu in northern Turkey early Thursday.

The houses destroyed were in the Aybasti district, a previous landslide site where 29 houses had been evacuated after a similar incident in February.

Local gendarmerie took security precautions and prohibited entrance to the affected area.

Speaking to reporters, Governor Seddar Yavuz said a mosque was also destroyed during the landslide.

He added that authorities have so far evacuated 61 buildings.

Yavuz said the state has as of yet provided 214,500 Turkish liras ($35,700) to assists evacuates.

“We will also make the necessary payments for their other emergency needs rapidly,” he added.

* Writing by Fatih Hafiz Mehmet in Ankara


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