Tuna battles erupt as the French ‘go for’ the most valuable protected fish.


Tuna battles erupt as the French ‘go for’ the most valuable protected fish.

As the French ‘go for’ the most valuable protected fish, tuna fights occur.

After a French boat was accused of breaching the law by catching a ton of the world’s most valuable fish, fishing clashes have erupted once more off the coast of Jersey.

Bluefin tuna is classified as “endangered” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, with a value of £10,000 per ton. It is protected under Channel Islands wildlife legislation, however fishing for it is not restricted in France. A Jersey government official said, “We are aware of claims that a commercial fishing vessel may have caught, or had on board, bluefin tuna while in Jersey seas.”

“If this is true, it would be a breach of wildlife laws, as well as possible license conditions.”

The boat was reportedly discovered by marine tracking software while passing through Jersey and Guernsey’s territorial waters.

Don Thompson, president of the Jersey Fishermen’s Association, said, “I am almost certain they were targeting tuna – there aren’t many other species of fish at this time of year.” “What irritates me the most is that these are boats that operate on free licenses issued by Jersey,” he stated. We haven’t been successful in catching or pursuing any of these fish.

“They’re getting the licenses so they can do something they can’t do in our waters,” says the source.

Don chastised a “catch and release” operation intended to estimate the number of animals in the area.

The quota allotted to the appointed fisherman, he claimed, was insufficient.

He went on to explain that the French fish could help to provide a more accurate picture of the species’ numbers.

Commercial and recreational vessels are not allowed to take or pursue bluefin tuna in EU waters unless they obtain permission from a member state.

It must be released alive and unharmed if caught because it is a prohibited species for UK fishing boats.


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