Truss warns Putin that attacking Ukraine would be a “grave mistake.”


Truss warns Putin that attacking Ukraine would be a ‘grave mistake.’

As tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to rise, Liz Truss has warned Vladimir Putin that ordering a Russian invasion would be a “grave mistake.”

In addition, the Foreign Secretary stated that London was cooperating closely with its NATO allies in order to assist Kiev.

The presence of Russian troops near Ukraine has sparked fears in the West that Russia is planning an invasion.

That, in my opinion, would be a grave error on Russia’s part.

Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary

Russia has repeatedly denied that it is planning an attack on Ukraine, insisting that it has the right to deploy troops wherever it sees fit on its own soil.

Russia has also accused Ukraine and NATO of inflaming tensions.

“I think that would be a grave mistake from Russia,” Ms Truss said when asked about the consequences of a Russian invasion.

“We are close allies of Ukraine, and we work with our NATO partners as well as directly with Ukraine to ensure that they are fully supported.”

Russia held military drills in the Black Sea, south of Ukraine, on Wednesday, claiming that increased NATO activity near its borders required it to improve the combat readiness of its conventional and nuclear forces.

The US and NATO have shown their support for Ukraine in ways that Moscow considers provocative, such as warship manoeuvres in the Black Sea this month and the delivery of US patrol boats to the Ukrainian navy.

Ukraine staged a “special operation” on the Belarusian border on Wednesday, including drone exercises and military drills for anti-tank and airborne units.

It has sent an additional 8,500 troops to the region, claiming that it does not want to be drawn into the migrant crisis, which has seen the European Union accuse Minsk of flying in migrants from the Middle East and forcing them into Poland.

Belarus denies instigating the conflict.

Kiev is also concerned that the Belarusian border, which is closely aligned with Russia, could be used as a staging area for a military assault.

Russia had more than 92,000 troops massed around Ukraine’s borders, according to the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, and was preparing for an attack by the end of January or the beginning of February, according to the Military Times.

The Kremlin has claimed that such suggestions are inflammatory, and has insisted that they are.

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