Truss promises a trade boom as she announces new Brexit accords, describing herself as “banging the drum for Britain.”


Truss promises a trade boom as she announces new Brexit accords, describing herself as “banging the drum for Britain.”

As Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss has promised to “beat the drum for Britain” in order to get new trade agreements.

The South West Norfolk MP, speaking at the Conservative Party Conference, painted a positive picture of Britain after Brexit. She promised to assist in the development of a “competitive, more confident” country on the international scene.

“I reject the voices of doom and gloom. Britain’s brightest days, in my opinion, are yet ahead of us “She told Manchester-based supporters of her party.

Ms. Truss secured 68 trade treaties throughout the world as Trade Secretary, including some that were negotiated from the ground up.

Her outward-looking approach advocating free trade around the world immediately made her a Tory favorite.

Ms Truss promised to continue pushing British trade in her maiden speech to members since being promoted to Foreign Secretary.

She stated, ” “More jobs in the Scotch whiskey sector, the automotive industry in the North East, and the computer industry in Manchester will result from stronger trade ties.

“From the shipyards of Govan to the manufacturers of Tyneside, our Aukus agreement will make Britain safer and create hundreds of skilled jobs.

“More jobs for British architects, engineers, and technicians will result from our new cleaner, greener investment in developing countries.

“As Foreign Secretary, I shall be responsible for this job.

“Continually pounding the drum for Britain to deliver for its citizens at home.

“Britain has always been best as an optimistic, outward-looking nation, confident in its ability to compete and lead.

“This is the kind of Britain I want us to be: patriotic and upbeat.”

Ms Truss indicated her next international journey would be to India at a fringe event earlier in the day.

One of Boris Johnson’s top trade ambitions is to reach an agreement with New Delhi on a free trade pact.

On November 1, formal negotiations for a settlement will begin, with the goal of reaching an interim agreement by March 2022.

Currently, India imposes tariffs of 150 percent on UK whisky exports and up to 125 percent on automobiles. Many of the extra expenditures would be eliminated in a free trade agreement.

The Pacific trade bloc, Israel, and the Gulf states were mentioned as possible trade targets by the Foreign Secretary.

In response to the inability to reach a trade agreement with the United States, she stated that a deal with the US was not the “be all and end all” for the UK.

“I disagree with you that trade is the be-all and end-all,” says the author. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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