Truss achieves a major victory in US trade talks by slashing tariffs by 25%.


Truss achieves a major victory in US trade talks by slashing tariffs by 25%.

LIZ TRUSS has achieved a major victory in post-Brexit trade talks with the United States, removing a crippling 25% tax.

Following a meeting with Dr Jewel Bronaugh, the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, the UK Trade Secretary is making progress in US trade discussions. During her five-day tour to the United States, Ms Truss hopes to develop business connections with the White House.

After a good day of discussions yesterday, Ms Truss resorted to Twitter.

“Great to see Dr Bronaugh @USDA on agri trade,” she added.

“The United States is pushing to relax the prohibition on UK lamb exports since it is the world’s second largest importer.

“Welcome back, British beef exports to the United States.

“Climate cooperation.

“To commemorate the lifting of 25% retaliatory tariffs, I gave her British Stilton!”

The United States is the UK’s largest single commercial partner, with overall commerce reaching over £196 billion ($252 billion) in 2020. Securing a solid agreement with the US is critical.

Over one million employment in each other’s economies are supported by trade between the two countries.

According to a government statement, Ms Truss will spend the rest of her five-day visit meeting with top Democrats and representatives from the IT industry to discuss how a free trade agreement could set high standards for digital trade.

In an exclusive interview with This website, a Swedish MEP lauded the UK and its position in the European Parliament prior to Brexit, putting the EU’s unity in jeopardy.

Stefan Löfven, who was forced to quit as Prime Minister last week after fighting with allies over housing policy, narrowly won a vote in Parliament on Wednesday, ensuring his quick return to power.

It was evident from the start that a single lawmaker, either by accident or on purpose, might derail Mr Löfven’s return, but in the end, he won by 176 votes to 173. The Swedish Parliament has 349 members.

Danish fishermen have reacted angrily to Brussels, arguing that compensation due from Brussels to alleviate the effects of Brexit will be ineffective.

Denmark will receive €228.6 million from the EU Commission’s Compensation Fund under the UK’s Trade and Cooperation Agreement. According to Eurocrats, the fund’s goal is to reduce the impact of the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU on Danish enterprises having interests in the United Kingdom.

Danish fishermen were to receive a portion of the fund. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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