‘Truly rotten to the core!’ Butler is the target of a new Boris Johnson attack just hours after he was kicked out of the Commons.


‘Truly rotten to the core!’ Butler is the target of a new Boris Johnson attack just hours after he was kicked out of the Commons.

Dawn Butler, a Labour MP, called Prime Minister Boris Johnson a “serial liar” as she renewed her harsh attack on the British government just hours after she was expelled from the Commons for her remarks.

The Labour MP was thrown out of the Commons after embarking into a scathing tirade against Prime Minister Boris Johnson, accusing him of lying to the British public and Parliament. The Deputy Speaker expelled Ms Butler from the Chamber as a result of the allegations, but the Labour MP resurfaced her charges just hours after her exile. Ms Butler told Byline TV, “So, I was booted out of the Chamber and put out of Parliament.”

I was forced to leave the premises after calling Boris Johnson a liar on the House floor.

“Boris Johnson, on the other hand, is a serial liar. That has been demonstrated numerous times.

“He claimed, for example, that the economy has improved by 73% since the Conservatives took power.

“That is a falsehood; it is only 20%. We have severed the relationship between infection, hospital rates, and death, according to Boris Johnson. That is a fabrication.”

“But not only did he lie, he stated the experts had said this, so the scientists had to correct Boris Johnson and say the link has been weakened,” Ms Butler added.

“Being weakened is not the same as being severed. In normal times, I believe you have a government that is mostly honest and principled.

“Over the last 18 months, we have witnessed a government that is absolutely corrupt to the core.

“They will do whatever they want, whenever they want, in order to get their hands on public funds and distribute it to their friends.”

“And we’ve witnessed a weakening of parliamentary democracy,” she added. Let us not forget that this government, led by Boris Johnson, tried to shut down Parliament in court, but it was reversed because they didn’t want people to have any say in what they did.”

Number 10 was contacted for comment by this website.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Mr Johnson has been accused of deceiving Parliament.

Mr Johnson’s remarks in the Commons on contracts assigned during the health emergency were deemed to be false by a judge’s order issued in March 2021.

The “Brinkwire Summary News” was released earlier this month.


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