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Truck driver accused of trying to dump poo outside the premier’s office goes on courtroom rant

A disgruntled truck driver allegedly tried to dump eight tonnes of manure outside the Tasmanian premier’s office as part of a ‘peaceful protest’ against Centrelink.

Scott Wayne Moore, 52, is accused of dumping the animal poo outside the office of former Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman on September 9.

Moore claims he is in a feud with Centrelink and denies he failed to comply with police when they told him to move along during his dirty protest.

The truck driver represented himself at Hobart Magistrates Court on Tuesday where he said he couldn’t pass a job agency medical exam and wanted to talk to a politician about it, The Mercury reported.

‘I believe if you’re treated like sh*t, you give sh*t,’ Moore told the court. 

Moore said the alleged manure-dumping started off as a ‘peaceful protest’ to get a politician’s attention.

Senior Constable Scott Hardman approached the truck driver as he sat outside the Executive Building and told the court Moore said he had ‘eight and a half tonnes of s**t in his truck’.

After telling Moore to leave the area, Senior Constable Hardman said ‘there was a pause and words to the effect of “OK”‘.

But first he said he was going to ‘dump this s**t’, the police officer told the court.  

Moore leaned to his left to dump the manure but the police officer held his arm and the pair had a ‘brief struggle’, the court heard. 

The truck driver was taken to a police station and his tipper was towed away.

Video was played in court of Moore’s expletive-ridden rant as he was being put into a police car, claiming he wanted to get off Centrelink because there are ‘no jobs in Tassie’.

He also claimed he had been ‘handballed’ and said he was ‘not getting in the divvie van’. 

‘I have eight tonnes of s**t in here mate. If no-one listens to me, I’m f***ing dumping it,’ Moore was heard saying.

‘This is discrimination … It’s very peaceful, I just want to speak to someone.’ 

Moore said that while he claimed he was going to dump the manure, he never actually did so.

The 52-year-old also denied that he resisted police and claimed was just trying to stop himself from falling from his truck.

Magistrate Robert Webster will hand down his decision on August 25.

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