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Tricky riddle that ’97 per cent of Harvard grads cannot solve’ leaves people baffled – so can YOU figure out the answer?

A MAN has left people baffled with a riddle he claims “97 per cent of Harvard graduates can’t solve” – but many school kids can. 

Jack Fanshawe, 22, from New York, shared the “world’s hardest riddle” on TikTok, and wrote: “think you’re up for the challenge?”

His clip has been viewed more than 10 million times in less than 24 hours – but how will you do?

He says: “I turn polar bears white, and I will make you cry. 

“I make guys have to pee, and girls have to comb their hair. 

“I make celebrities look like normal people, and normal people look like celebrities.

“I turn your pancakes brown, and I make your champagne bubble. 

“If you squeeze me, I’ll pop. If you’ll look at me, you’ll pop.”

He finishes with the line: “Let me know if you can solve this riddle”, although traditionally it would be the question “can you guess the riddle?”

He has so far racked up 100,000 people commenting on his video, many of them confused as to what is the correct answer. 

One said: “You lost me on polar bear”, and another joked: “’I think it’s a carrot, yeah.”

Some queried if the answer was “water”, “pressure” or “time”. 

However, they were all wrong, and the answer is simply “no”, as in “no, I can’t guess the riddle”.

Meanwhile, these 14 riddles will have you scratching your head… so how many can YOU solve?

And the fiendish emoji quiz is BACK and this time there are 25 big-name brands to guess – so how many can you get right?

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