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Travellers quarantining in Western Australia could be forced to wear ankle monitors

Returned travellers could soon be forced to wear ankle monitors if they are deemed a risk of sneaking out of mandatory hotel quarantine.

The Western Australian government is looking at the idea after two Adelaide women, 19 and 20, allegedly left the Novotel Hotel in Perth to go to a party. 

The pair were initially refused entry into the state after not having an entry permit, appeared in court on Thursday. 

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan said he was considering forcing potential flight risks to wear electronic ankle monitors.

‘What we are looking at doing is this – if we identify people who are potential flight risks or who might have a criminal history we are looking at applying monitoring bracelets to them,’ Mr McGowan said.

‘If someone is identified as a risk we have the legal power now to put an ankle bracelet on them and that’s what the police will look to do.’

Mr McGowan said his government was looking at boosting security guard numbers at hotels to ensure no one escapes.

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