Tourists are being scammed off, with Covid test firms profiting £300 million from tourism.


Tourists are being scammed off, with Covid test firms profiting £300 million from tourism.

British tourists are being “ripped off” by being required to get Covid tests, which cost hundreds of pounds per person, according to travel expert Simon Calder.

Boris Johnson has been urged to set a price cap on private COVID-19 tests in order to prevent foreign vacations becoming a luxury exclusive for the wealthiest families. More than 100 outlets costing £200 or more are listed on the Government website as meeting minimal testing standards. Since April, according to The Independent’s Travel Editor Simon Calder, Brits returning to the UK have spent up to £300 million.

When asked if British citizens are being “ripped off,” Mr Calder told Sky News: “Absolutely, yeah.” There isn’t any doubt in my mind.”

Holding up a little PCR test that costs £58 in the UK, despite the fact that it costs “usually around £70” in the US.

“Effectively, it’s simply a few parts of kit,” he continued. You take your own sample, mail it in, and wait for the results, which should arrive in a few days.

“Anyone returning to the UK must comply with this legal requirement.

“You can take the test at the airport when you arrive, but you must have a PCR test within two days of your arrival, and if you haven’t been vaccinated and are returning from an amber nation, you will need to take another test.

“When you factor in the pre-departure exam, which may be a lateral flow test, you’re looking at around £100 per person.”

“Huge sums of money are being made,” he continued. Clearly, there is a lot of money to be made.

“I calculated that British travelers had spent £300 million since April returning to the UK, and August is going to be peak testing.”

According to the Liberal Democrats’ analysis of the list, only 11% of the suppliers offered testing for less than £50, with the cheapest providing prices as low as £20.

Some 24% of the providers charged more than £200, with the Mayfair GP clinic charging £575, despite its own website stating that costs start at £399.

In response to worries about the expense of travel PCR testing for families traveling abroad, Health Secretary Sajid Javid has requested the competition watchdog to probe the industry.

“International travel cannot become a luxury that only the wealthy can afford,” said Lib Dem health spokesman Munira Wilson.

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