Totally repulsive! Becky Watts’ memorial has been vandalized with obscene graffiti.


Totally repulsive! Becky Watts’ memorial has been vandalized with obscene graffiti.

This website has learned that a memorial to murdered teenager Becky Watts has been vandalized with obscene graffiti.

The late 16-year-college old’s reportedly funded the ‘Shine On’ lamp in Bristol after she was murdered and dismembered by her unstable stepbrother and his companion in 2015. On a box next to the lamp, there is a plaque commemorating Becky Watts, which reads, “In memory of Becky Watts 1998-2015.”

“Your light will shine brilliantly forever. Allow it to serve others with safety and comfort.”

Despite the fact that it was plainly labelled for a late adolescent, vandals ignored the potential for harm by spraying graffiti all over it.

The word “Hicab” was scratched on one of the “tags,” while incomprehensible stuff was scrawled on the other two sides of the grey box.

The graffiti was discovered by a citizen who travels through Bristol’s St George’s Park on a daily basis.

“That’s extremely filthy, and whomever did it should be ashamed of themselves,” they told this publication.

“There are a number of graffiti artists in the area, but most of them stick to the skate park, where tagging is tolerated.

“This is unique in that they sprayed graffiti on a memorial to a slain schoolgirl.

“It wasn’t that long ago, and it’s still fresh in the memories of many people.

“As if her family hasn’t been through enough already, they now have to deal with this.”

Nathan Matthews, her stepbrother, and his girlfriend Shauna Hoare murdered the 16-year-old in February 2015.

The couple had troubling sexual fantasies and wanted to exploit Becky as a “sexual plaything,” it was subsequently learned.

The teen was suffocated in her Bristol bedroom before being stabbed 15 times in the abdomen.

The pair then dismembered Becky’s body using a circular saw, wrapped it in plastic and salt, and concealed it in a backyard shed.

Matthews received a 33-year sentence for manslaughter, while his girlfriend Shauna Hoare received a 17-year sentence.

In a report released in 2020, agencies were chastised for a “lack of inquiry” into her “complex” background.

Becky was described as a “sensitive young woman with a tough past” by the Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership (KBSP), while Matthews and Hoare were described as “potentially vulnerable people with disturbed and complicated backgrounds.”

Despite the fact that 16 agencies worked with all three in the six years preceding up to Becky’s death, it was discovered that “none of.”


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