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Tory MP Tom Tugendhat interrupted during live interview by young daughter who shouts ‘Daddy, you’re not allowed’

TORY MP Tom Tugendhat proved that it’s not always easy working from home with children – after his young son and daughter interrupted a live television interview.

The chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee was speaking on Sky when his children walked in – and his daughter sternly told him: “Daddy, you’re not allowed.”

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The first to appear was son Adam, who walked in and asked to play with face paints.

Mr Tugendhat, who represents Tonbridge and Malling in Kent, ushered the little boy out – but was then interrupted by his daughter Beatrice.

He had been discussing his objection to what he terms a “snooper’s charter” as Brits are encouraged to shop neighbours who don’t comply with quarantine rules when the youngsters wandered in.

Mr Tugendhat appeared briefly lost for words when his son appeared, but put his hand on his son’s shoulder and said: “Adam, can I come downstairs in a minute?”

The oblivious youngster told his dad he wanted to play a game before Mr Tugendhat replied: “Yep, I’ll do your face painting in a minute.”

As he continued speaking with the door open, viewers heard the sounds of the youngsters speaking from the hallway – before his daughter walked in.

The little girl, who had a dummy in her mouth, then told the MP: “Daddy, you’re not allowed.”

He replied: “I’m not allowed, ok.”

The interview then continued – but so did the children’s demands on their dad.

Eventually, both youngsters began jumping on the bed – leading Mr Tughendhat to tell them off.

He began saying: “No, please children -” before turning to the presenter and apologising.

She joked: “We’ll leave it there – I think it’s time for some face painting.”

Perhaps the most famous example of kids interrupting a live broadcast happened in 2017, when Professor Robert Kelly was interviewed on BBC World News.

As he discussed the impeachment of South Korean president Park Geun-hye, his daughter Marion, four, and nine-month-old son James burst in.

Professor Robert Kelly was being interviewed on BBC World News about the 

The broadcaster asked his next question while pointing out: “… I think one of your children has just walked in.”

Earlier this year, viewers were left in stitches when toddlers gatecrashed their parents’ interviews on Sky and BBC News.

Journalist Deborah Haynes, from Kent, was interrupted on Sky News by her son who popped in with a very important question in the toddler world — how many biscuits was he allowed to eat. 

Dr Clare Wenham, from South London, was interrupted by her daughter Scarlett, who began rearranging a unicorn picture behind her — and even struck up a conversation with the newsreader.

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