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Tory MP Johnny Mercer reveals he’s been in hospital for the last four days

Conservative MP Johnny Mercer has revealed he has been in hospital for the last four days after sustaining a huge black eye in a canoeing accident.

The MP for Plymouth Moor View had been paddling down the River Tamar, Devon, when he took a knock to the head after getting into difficulty.

Updating his constituents on the wound, he wrote on Twitter: ‘Turns out my head injury was pretty serious, and I’ve been hospitalised since Sunday.

‘Out today: Just wanted to say huge and heartfelt thank you to the brilliant staff and management @Derriford_Hosp. Outstanding care and compassion, even for the biggest wimp they’ve seen this year.’ 

On Friday Mr Mercer took to social media to give the thumbs up as he shared his misfortune with his followers. 

Writing on Monday, he said: ‘I think it’s important in life to work out what you’re not good at, as well as what you are. Canoeing would seem to joint that rather long and illustrious list for me.

‘Loved it though. Still gonna finish the Tamar top to bottom.. there’s a pint on the Barbican with my name on it.’ 

Later on he posted an image of his eyelid swollen over, adding: ‘All’s well that ends well. Wounds like this are made to be be laughed at, so here you go – enjoy. Owned by nature once again…’

The MP and former Army officer has been enjoying a bit of ‘me time’ after he and his wife Felicity welcomed a new member of their family into the world two months ago.

Their daughter, Audrey, was born on Saturday, June 27 which – fittingly for a former Army Captain who is now an Armed Forces Minister – was Armed Forces Day.

She is their third child.

On Instagram, Mr Mercer said: ‘A gift from heaven on Armed Forces day. In awe of my beautiful wife. Welcome to the world Audrey.’

In a tweet, the Ministry of Defence said: ‘Massive congratulations to Minister for Defence People and Veterans.

‘Johnny Mercer and his family who celebrated Armed Forces Day in style with the birth of his daughter Audrey.’

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