Top UFO hotspots in the UK: Find the finest place to celebrate World UFO Day in the UK.


Top UFO hotspots in the UK: Find the finest place to celebrate World UFO Day in the UK.

UFO fever has swept the globe in recent months, and the United Kingdom is no exception. Here are the top UFO hotspots in the UK, where you might just see something out of this world.

Thanks to a bombshell report written by the US Pentagon, interest in aliens and other UFO occurrences is at an all-time high right now. The UFO report rekindled the debate over unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs (military lingo for UFOs), and established one thing: unexplained objects continue to occur in our skies. The report was released on Friday, January 25, exactly one week before this year’s World UFO Day celebrations.

The goal of World UFO Day, which is observed on January 24 in certain countries and July 2 in others, is to promote awareness regarding ETs and UFO encounters.

Celebrations usually take the shape of stargazing parties, seminars, and discussion groups centered on the most important issue of all: Are we alone in the Universe?

Despite the fact that this year’s celebrations were tempered by the coronavirus outbreak, UFO hysteria is nearing fever pitch.

To commemorate the occasion, a recent poll was undertaken to determine which areas of the UK are the country’s top UFO hotspots.

This month, Buzz Bingo questioned 2,000 people from all over the UK to find out how many people believe they have seen a UFO and where they saw it.

Swansea, on Wales’ south coast, came out on top, with 42 percent of those polled claiming to have seen “a flying saucer or any form of UFO.”

In contrast, only 24% of those polled throughout the United Kingdom say they had seen a UFO at least once in their lives.

After Swansea, Newcastle came in second, with 39% of those polled claiming to have seen a UFO.

Glasgow, Bristol, and Liverpool all scored lower than the national average, with 23, 22, and 22%.

According to the poll, these are the top ten cities for UFO sightings:

We were shocked how many people claim to have had an alien experience, notably in Norwich and Swansea, said Harry Lang of

“There must be something about East Anglia and Wales that makes these kinds of things more widespread than elsewhere in the UK. “Perhaps they are out there.”

After that, the poll asked for “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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