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Top tips for selling your gear on eBay and how to maximise your cash

SHORT on cash but buried in clothes? As I reported recently, we have been raking it in during lockdown by flogging our old clobber.

I know many of you are keen to maximise this way of making cash, so I spoke to eBay’s head of “preloved”, Emma Grant, for her tips . . . 

PLAY ON WORDS: Emma says: “Take the time to get your keywords right — eBay automatically filters titles, so it’s crucial to use the terminology users search for.”

My tip: If you are selling a branded product, make sure to include the brand name in your listing. For instance, a pair of men’s Nike Air Jordan trainers sells for an average of £136.23 on eBay. But if you don’t include the name, you might lose out.

PICTURE PERFECT: Emma says: “Most users will not bid on items they cannot see. Take your photos in natural light against a neutral background and be honest about any scratches or aesthetic damage to the item.”

My tip: Buyers visiting sites such as Depop want plenty of images to look at. To improve your chances of making a sale, ensure you upload more than one — the more the better.

SAVVY SUNDAYS: Emma says: “The busiest time for buyers is Sunday evenings. The longer your item is listed, the more chance of people seeing it. So unless it’s time-sensitive, pick ten days.”

My tip: If you are super-busy or can be forgetful, take advantage of the fact you can schedule listings on eBay. Or set a reminder on your phone.

If you are selling on other sites, play around with your timings. You can always repost if it doesn’t sell.

PRICE IS RIGHT: Emma says: “Try searching for similar items on eBay to make sure you’re going for the right price. And always ask yourself, ‘Would I pay this price for this item?’”

My tip: Search on other sites for the item you are selling, such as Depop and Facebook Marketplace. You can then compare prices among sites to set your selling price.

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