‘Took my phone away from me.’ Ronan Keating was warned by the Queen’s bodyguards not to take a photo.


‘Took my phone away from me.’ Ronan Keating was warned by the Queen’s bodyguards not to take a photo.

When RONAN KEATING attempted to take a photo with the Queen, he found himself in hot water.

Ronan Keating, host of The One Show, has shared an uncomfortable recollection of getting himself into a tricky situation with the Royal Family. When he went to take a photo with the Queen, the musician stated his phone was stolen from him.

When Ronan, 44, went to Ascot Paddocks Livery, this happened to him.

“I was fortunate enough to go there,” he remarked.

“I was in the paddock at the time the Queen was there.”

However, as he attempted to take a picture, the pop star admitted that this is where things went awry.

“I tried to take a selfie, but they pulled my phone away from me,” the BBC anchor continued.

“Who knows, I didn’t realize you couldn’t snap a selfie with the Queen.”

As part of his engagement with Omaze, the host shared the admission.

Prize draws are held by the company to raise funds for charity.

Ronan is now pushing people to enter a Million Pound House Draw to benefit Cancer Research UK in Ascot.

Storm Keating, the presenter’s wife, has also spoken up about the couple’s difficulties.

The couple has had difficulties as a result of the construction of their home.

Storm revealed their circumstances in an honest Instagram post.

“My bones suffer from labor; my throat is scratchy from construction dust; my eyes burn from exhaustion; and my heart aches for all the hours I don’t get to spend with my children, stepchildren, husband, family, friends, and, most importantly, myself,” she wrote.

“BUT I AM NOT GIVING UP.” After more than five years, I’m going to finish this house and transfer my family into their new home.

“If you didn’t notice my post a few weeks back with my welding gear on…,” Storm added, addressing her 131,000 followers.

“Well, our family has had a rough time in recent years because we have consistently placed our trust in the wrong individuals.

“Right now, we’re constructing the house ourselves, and I’m the primary contractor.

“The first stage was to tear down walls, ceilings, outside facades, insulation, and cleanup work, among other things.”

As she provided the update, she also posted some photos of her husband working on their house.

This season, Ronan has been co-hosting The One Show on BBC One with temporary presenter Samantha Quek. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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