Tony Blair’s choice has left Queen Elizabeth “sad and puzzled”: “Seen as payback!”


Tony Blair’s choice has left Queen Elizabeth “sad and puzzled”: “Seen as payback!”

According to unconfirmed accounts, Tony Blair left Queen Elizabeth II “sad and perplexed” when he barred her from attending an event that was very close to her heart.

During Mr. Blair’s tenure as Prime Minister, he had a rocky relationship with the Royal Family. Cherie, on her first visit to Balmoral in 1997, did not bow before the Queen and wore a trouser suit, which the Queen Mother was said to be “mortified” by. Mr Blair’s and Her Majesty’s interests notably clashed.

The king is well known for his love of the countryside, country sports, horses, and dogs, whilst Mr Blair enjoys the city, Barbados vacations, tennis, and football.

As a result, the Prime Minister’s yearly visit to Balmoral reportedly became somewhat of an ordeal for the Labour leader, with their stays being kept to a bare minimum.

Furthermore, the former Prime Minister was at conflict with the queen, according to a throwback story from the Daily Express, after he was accused of demonstrating disrespect.

Mr Blair was accused of being behind an astounding snub to the Queen over VE Day in 2005, just 24 hours after telling the public he would listen to their every worry following his victory in that year’s general election.

The Queen and other party leaders were reportedly barred from attending the VE Day memorial observance at the Cenotaph, where she intended to pay her respects to those who gave their lives in the service of their country.

Mr Blair, on the other hand, chose to spend the weekend at Chequers, his country residence, putting the finishing touches on a Cabinet reshuffle.

“Consideration was made as to whether the Prime Minister and other party leaders should attend Sunday’s VE Day commemorations,” a Downing Street spokesman said.

“However, attending the national remembrance beside the Queen on July 10 was more appropriate.”

The official refused to disclose whether Mr Blair’s attendance at the event had been planned and then abruptly canceled.

“Stopping the Queen from attending the anniversary is being perceived as retaliation for Mr Blair’s minor involvement during the Queen Mother’s funeral,” the story continues.

“In a decision that has sparked considerable outrage, Downing Street informed Ministry of Defence bureaucrats in charge of VE Day celebrations.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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