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Toddler is caught swinging from the chandelier in her bedroom in hilarious nanny cam footage

This is the moment a shocked mother discovered one of her three-year-old daughters swinging on the chandelier in their bedroom.

Footage captured on a nanny cam in Edgewater, Maryland, shows the girl hanging on the ceiling light while her twin sister watches.

Little Elise hangs off the chandelier and spins herself round before dropping onto the bed. 

In the video, Elise climbs onto her bed frame, nearly falling before finding her balance.

She grabs hold of the chandelier and begins spinning herself round.

Her spins become faster and she swings off the bed frame three times before falling onto her bed.

Elise gets up to try and climb onto the bed frame again but gives up to go and play with her sister.

The footage was taken on July 3 and uploaded onto social media site TikTok by the twins’ mother.

She said: ‘After converting my twins’ cribs to ‘big girl beds’, I quickly realized it was a mistake. 

‘I could hear a noise coming from the girls’ nursery during their nap time so I pulled up my Arlo Security app and realized one of my twins, Elise, was swinging from the chandelier. 

‘Thankfully she wasn’t hurt but the chandelier was immediately removed. This is just one of many reasons why I can’t have nice things anymore. 

‘My girls still ask for their chandelier but I’d be willing to bet their reason isn’t for utility.’

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