‘Today’s youth!’ Philip’s amusing retort to the child who told him to “jog on, grandpa!”


‘Today’s youth!’ Philip’s amusing retort to the child who told him to “jog on, grandpa!”


Prince William, the duke’s grandson, recounted his funny answer to a child who encouraged him to “jog on grandpa.”

Prince William, 39, struggled to maintain a straight face as he recounted an incident that occurred when he was a child. The Duke of Cambridge stated that they were on vacation in Scotland as a family when they came across a bunch of lads out walking.

They were “clearly” participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, William said in the BBC documentary Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers.

It was founded in 1956 by the late consort of the Queen and sets a series of challenges for teenagers.

“One tale I must relate about my grandfather is when we were traveling together as a family in Scotland,” Prince William stated in the video.

“And we came across other people wearing rucksacks who appeared to be Duke of Edinburgh Award recipients.

“And when he saw them, he came to a halt and rolled down his window.

“And he said something along the lines of, ‘Good morning, how are you doing?’

“To which the smallest young lad in the rear turned around and said, effectively, ‘jog on grandpa.’

“To which my grandfather smiled as he rolled down the window, drove away, and turned to everyone in the car, saying, ‘the youth of today.’

“Obviously, I can’t disclose what they said, but I thought ‘jog on’ was a more suitable way of phrasing it for the purposes of this film.”

Interviews with high-profile royals such as Prince Harry, Prince Charles, and Princess Anne are included in the film.

It was broadcast on Wednesday evening in honor of the 99-year-old, who passed away in April.

The duke was married to the Queen for 73 years, served in WWII, and aided innumerable charities and good causes during his life.

Princess Anne praised his campaigning energy, stating that he was aware of the necessity of environmental preservation long before it was popular.

“He believed perhaps there was a better way to approach things,” she said on the show.

“He was perplexed as to how you could possibly make a difference.

“I believe his best quality was his ability to look outwards.

“I mean, defining what you think (was) his greatest achievement would be difficult.

“Some of us would consider that to be a show of support for her Majesty.

“Because anything else he could or couldn’t.”


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