TODAY in Iran news: Angry demonstrations erupt as the ‘butcher of Tehran’ is inaugurated in as President.


TODAY in Iran news: Angry demonstrations erupt as the ‘butcher of Tehran’ is inaugurated in as President.

FURIOUS protests have erupted in Iran as the country’s new president, Ebrahim Raisi, also dubbed as the “Butcher of Iran,” gets inaugurated in today.

Iranians are dissatisfied with their new President, Ebrahim Raisi, because the country’s voter turnout was just 48.8%, and he has radical intentions for the country.

He succeeds President Hassan Rouhani of the Moderation and Development Party, who served two four-year terms in a row, the maximum allowed by the constitution.

Tensions with Iran are at an all-time high following an attempted hijacking of an oil ship near the key Strait of Hormuz by Iranian naval commandos on Tuesday. The military personnel were foiled by crew who had anticipated their hijacking after boarding the 440ft Asphalt Princess. “Armed Iranians attacked the yacht and tried to take it back to Iran, but the crew scuppered the engines, which is why it was shown bobbing in the water,” a person familiar with government intelligence briefings on the incident claimed.

“Then US and Omani warships arrived, and the Iranians boarded boats and fled.”

The crew remained safe, according to the source, and no one was seriously harmed.

The Asphalt Princess was boarded by a “squad” of highly armed Iranians near the Strait of Hormuz, but they fled when US and Omani warships approached.

The Panama-flagged tanker had set sail from Bandar Abbas, Iran, on its way to Sohar, Oman, when it was intercepted 86 miles off Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.

The hijacking has strained relations between the West and the Middle East, especially after another hijacking murdered a British citizen and a Romanian only a few weeks ago.

Iran has denied any participation in any of the two hijackings.

Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s new president, is set to take office today and has a number of radical ideas for the country’s administration.

He has the support of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, who were blamed for the deadly drone hit on the MT Mercer Street ship, which killed British Army Veteran and father-of-one Adrian Underwood.

“The council must respond to Iran’s destabilizing activities and lack of regard for international law,” UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab tweeted.

Allies and the United States came together to support a response to Iran’s aggressiveness.

Ebrahim Raisi, 60, said he wants to eliminate the “tyranny” of US sanctions against Iran and promised that his country would not bow to “foreigners’ will.”

The United Kingdom has stated. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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